PP/HDPE Gusseted Bags

These woven bags have a high capacity and can stand vertically due to a rectangular base. They have a special construction in which the sides have a dimension.

They are used for storage of:
Food flour, Food grains, Sugar, Salt, Animal food, Cement, Chemicals, Fertilizers & Petro Chemicals etc.

PP/HDPE Bags with Liners

These bags are made with a lining or liner that prevents leakage and ensures better shelf life of inside product.

They are used to store products with finer particles such as like sugar, white cement, POP, etc. that have a tendency to ooze out.

PP/HDPE Boxed Bags

The boxed bags have a much bigger capacity and can bear heavy weights.

They have bulk utility and are used for packaging of cartons, boxes, tea leaves, mattresses, etc.

They are also often used to pack goods in disaster or flood hit areas because of their size and storage capacity.

PP/HDPE Window Bags

These bags are used for products that require ventilation when packed. They solve the dual purpose of providing air and giving a peak at the goods inside. Generally there is a strip of loose weaving on sides of the bag that helps in keeping the goods fresh.

They are often used in the packaging of vegetables, fruits and other products that require ventilation.


These bags are mainly used in the premium food industry in which packaging plays a very important role. The finishing and quality of colour printing is much better in these, making it attractive for buyers. These bags also have a film coating which makes them highly durable and strong.

BOPP bags are used for packaging consumer goods in rice mills, flour mills, dal mills, garment industry, tea industry, etc.

HDPE Sand Bags

Sand bags manufactured from HDPE fabric are excellent for flood management, protection of bunkers and vital installations by defence, military and paramilitary forces.

Woven PP and HDPE bags are considered to be the most durable and strong; widely used for packing in the food industry. They are ideal for packaging of products such as food grains, sugar, nuts, animal feed, barley, salt, seeds, fly-ash etc. They are also used in the chemical and fertilizer industry, cement industry, fodder industry, construction industry etc.

These woven bags can withstand tough handling during transportation as they have high strength and tear resistance due to weaving. They can be both laminated or unlaminated; the lamination makes it more stronger and durable. Laminated bags are mostly used for packaging products that have more manual handling or physical tackling.

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