We have a fully integrated factory, equipped with the latest state of the art plant and looms along with the latest machines for cutting, stitching, lamination and printing of fabric and bags. We boast of the latest infrastructure with advanced Lohia Starlinger looms at our factory. More than 100 looms produce a wide variety of fabrics and bags for various applications. This dynamic infrastructure and ultra modern technology enables in-house production of over 9000 Metric ton per annum or over 70 million bags per annum. Our unit has the latest tape extrusion machines and cheese winders for maximum production and minimum wastage.

In addition to this, we use high-technology lamination plants for laminating fabrics for various applications including tarpaulins. We operate the latest Tandem lamination plant for laminating both sides of the fabric simultaneously. Furthermore, we also have a wide range of sewing machines that aid us in the manufacturing of customised bags.