Environment & Social Responsibilty

We, at Arvind Chemi, have high ethical standards and follow international norms. The processes we follow are environment friendly and adhere to recycling practices. Thorough quality control procedures are implemented on the fabric at all stages of production, thereby fulfilling all technical parameters and 0% wastage. Our materials are reusable and used for different applications even after processing.

Our manufacturing process has been carefully designed to have minimum carbon foot print. We are environment friendly and our material is food grade which meets the requirement stipulate in IS10910. Its copolymer is safe for use in contact with food stuff, pharmaceutical and drinking water.

Furthermore, we at Arvind Chemi promote public interest by aid in recruitment, encouraging community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the environment and public sphere. We take into account the environmental and the community aspects before taking any major decisions. We honour the triple bottom line i.e. people, planet, profit.

We also believe that every good deed done is charity. We support various charitable organisations working for the welfare of the poor & needy, the blind and animal welfare. It is through these small steps that we strive for a better and equitable society thereby focusing on wellbeing of all. We have also been part of various fund raising activities.