Circular Woven Fabric (Narrow width)

These fabrics can be coated or un-coated and are produced in the most cutting edge technology machines, looms and tape lines.

Circular Woven Fabric (Wide Width)

The wide round fabrics are produced on circular weaving machines (circular looms) in the form of a sleeve or a tube.

Flat Woven Fabric

It is a fabric which has multiple layers and provides high durability and tear strength. The light flat woven fabric is used for packaging of textiles, making tarpaulins etc. while the heavy flat woven fabric is used in heavy duty packaging of machinery and goods.

Woven PP and HDPE fabrics are a strong, dependable and economical packaging option for diverse industries across the globe. The fabric is light weight and highly suitable for packaging as it offers complete protection from moisture, dust, rain, etc. Thorough quality control procedures are implemented on the fabric at all stages of production, thereby fulfilling all technical parameters and 0% wastage. The fabrics are produced as rolls and can conveniently be loaded in any cutting and stitching machines.

They can be both laminated or unlaminated; depending on end user or requirement. Our range of high quality laminated and un-laminated PP/HDPE woven fabrics are widely used:

  • In making of bags, packaging of textiles, covering and storage.
  • For wrapping of industrial goods like coils, tyres, etc.
  • To cover aircrafts, trucks, tempos, trailer trucks, railway wagon, industrial storage, machine and agricultural products at farms.