Our product categories include PP/ HDPE woven fabrics, PP/ HDPE woven bags and Tarpaulins.

WOVEN PP AND HDPE FABRICS are a strong, dependable and economical packaging option for diverse industries across the globe. The fabric is light weight and highly suitable for packaging as it offers complete protection from moisture, dust, rain, etc. Thorough quality control procedures are implemented on the fabric at all stages of production, thereby fulfilling all technical parameters and 0% wastage. The fabrics are produced as rolls and can conveniently be loaded in any cutting and stitching machines.

WOVEN PP AND HDPE BAGS are considered to be the most durable and strong; widely used for packing in the food industry. They are ideal for packaging of products such as food grains, sugar, nuts, animal feed, barley, salt, seeds, fly-ash etc. They are also used in the chemical and fertilizer industry, cement industry, fodder industry, construction industry etc.

TARPAULINS are extremely strong sheets made of HPDE woven fabric. They are large sheet of strong, flexible material which are made water and dust resistant. They have multiple uses and are widely used for different purposes.

Our range of fabrics, bags and tarpaulins can be both laminated or unlaminated, depending on end use or requirement.